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We Introduce to you... *drum roll please* 


Now although Moose was in fact adopted by his owners.. this month Im going to take the time to tell you about his amazing story!  Moose came all the way to Connersville, Indiana from California!  He came to our clinic to have surgery.

Moose came into CVC for bladder stones.. 

Once we removed the stones we sent them to the University of Minnesota to have them tested.  This will tell us exactly what kind of stone Moose had and how we can go about preventing them from here on out.. This can usually be done by putting your pet on a prescription diet that will keep them from forming the stones in the bladder.  

After surgery Moose hung out with us for a couple days.  We loved on him and his "mom and dad" came to visit him!  We wanted to make sure that when he got home he was going to be ok... The main concern for us was making sure he was able to urinate on his own and actually have a good stream of urine.

We played outside in the snow!  And when Moose went home he was greeted by his family and friends! Him and his pal Walter definitely make quite the pair! (far left)   


We are super excited that Moose and his family trusted us with his Surgery.. We can now say we have clients literally from the other side of the country!  

Thank you Moose and family for being so amazing!  We are so happy that you are healing so well and enjoying the farm life! <3